Folding Bike Shootout



fantastic off-road. We took it to an area next to railroad tracks with rocks and dirt, and the Sinch handled it like a champ! On the first ride, we left the tires at street pressure. When we headed off-road with lower pressure, the grip of the big rubber was incredible. If you’re in an area where more grip would help, be it on dirt or snow, this is where fat bikes shine because you can vary the pressure to increase traction without worrying about pinch flats because of the higher air volume.

The Gocycle does have a throttle, but it’s an all-or-nothing switch actuated by your left thumb.


The easy way to control the top speed of the bike is by using the power assist levels (PAS). Level 1 holds you to 10 mph, level 2 goes up to 13 mph, level 3 goes up to 15 mph, level 4 goes up to 17 mph, and level 5 gets you all the way to 20. This bike has no torque sensor, so you can ghost-pedal the bike (spinning the cranks without putting any real effort into it) or use the throttle and still get full assist to whatever speed you want via setting it in the
PAS level.


As the name implies, E-Joe goes after the average Joe type of rider. In short, it’s made for everyone. This is the best-looking bike they’ve yet made, which says a lot. It’s not easy to make a folding bike look sexy. It performs as well as any of their bikes that we’ve ridden. We liked how it handled and felt planted while cornering.

Gocycle’s unique rear suspension offers about an inch of travel, but that’s what makes it a comfortable ride.


Owing to the frame, motor and battery, it’s a heavy bike. It’s not easy making a folding frame stiff, but this one certainly is. Flex in a frame can adversely affect the handling, and this has none of that. The suspension fork takes out the bumps pretty well, and the 2.25-inch tires, though not as voluminous as the Sinch’s, still do a good job at helping smooth out the rough stuff. It’s a comfortable bike on medium-length rides, longer rides not so much.


All three are capable, fun bikes to get you around. We like all three. If the price is your main concern, of course, the Gocycle drops off the “to buy” list. Between the other two, it’s really close. The E-Joe is $100 cheaper, but the Aventon has a bigger battery and therefore better range. If you don’t ever travel more than 20 miles on a bike, this isn’t an issue. The Aventon can certainly go on unpaved roads and even get you through snow, if that’s something you need.

If the price is less of a concern, the ride…