Folding Bike Shootout

Folding Bike Shootout

Thanks to their being the ultimate in portability and easy storage, for obvious reasons, folding bikes have become a popular segment with a growing number of e-bike consumers. You can keep them in your house, your office, the trunk of your car, in your RV, your boat, airplane or wherever. 

Sure, despite all the positive attributes, there has also been a shortlist of negatives. Attachment points haven’t always been the most robust and dependable. The majority of folding bikes we’ve tested have all traded the stability of a bigger bike for the compact size of smaller wheels. In the case of the bikes tested here, they all roll on 20-inch wheels. 


Of the three bikes reviewed here, two are pretty similar (actually, they might be closer to being “the same” than just similar), and comparably speaking, the third comes in from somewhere out in left field. The two similar bikes are the Aventon Sinch and the E-Joe Epik Carbon, which share a common frame. The odd man out is the Gocycle GX. Unlike its Gocycle brethren, the GX folds in half. Unlike the other bikes here, it’s also a (minimally) full-suspension bike.

The Sinch and the Epik Carbon (as in a carbon finish coat only) use the same…