Still Intense And Fully Charged


Ever since his handcrafted aluminum mountain bikes first burst onto the scene back in 1993, Jeff Steber has always been ahead of the curve. Although his initial designs were more cross-country-oriented, by 1995 his long-travel, monocoque frames were altering the downhill racing landscape with a level of head-turning design and performance. 

In the nearly three decades since, Steber’s designs have gone on to win numerous national and world championship titles. Eventually, like the rest of the bicycle industry, Intense too made the jump from aluminum frames to carbon fiber which only seemed to free up Steber’s imagination of what a bike could look like and how it could perform.

And then the e-bike arrived.

Decades after Jeff Steber helped pioneer the performance DH bike, he’s now head over heels involved developing new e-bikes of both the pedal- and throttle-assist variety.



While some people may have been surprised to see Intense roll out their Tazer e-bike last year, anyone who knows Jeff would not be the least bit surprised. 

“I was really excited to see…