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Cannondale Announces Treadwell Neo

Cannondale announced their newest e-bikes, based on their own Treadwell bike. It's aimed at the every day rider who wants to ride around the neighborhood, run errands, or just getting out to enjoy life. The Treadwell Neo looksjust…

Fully Charged

It’s an exciting time, not just for the ramping up and rapid changes in the technology, but for the ever-increasing speed at which e-bikes are being adopted.

Harley-Davidson Halts Production of LiveWire

Harley Davidson has halted production on the LiveWire, shortly after the first electric Harley came on sale. Though sales of the $30,000 bike had been slower than expected, the reason for the halt has to do with at-home charging.

Delfast Bikes

Fast-enough acceleration to keep up with cars over a quarter-mile distance


Giant Bicycle teamed up with Airtrix to trick out a special Reign E+ electric mountain bike for Travis Pastrana, with graphics representing sponsor Red Bull as well as Pastrana's long-time motocross number, 199.