Ducati Starts Production Of It’s MotoE Racebike

Electric Speed From Italy

Ducati has started production of its electric MotoE racebike, the “V21L”. The 23 prototypes will be ready by mid-February, with 18 bikes being raced and 5 spare units made available. The project is aimed at developing skills and knowledge in the field of electric motorbikes. The first test with the riders and teams is scheduled for March 6-8 at Jerez and the race debut will take place at the French Grand Prix on May 13, 2023. The 2023 MotoE World Championship calendar consists of eight Grands Prix over European races. The MotoE project is part of Ducati’s commitment to reducing CO2 emissions and promoting environmental sustainability.

“Claudio Domenicali, CEO Ducati: “The start of production of the Ducati MotoE is a historic moment for our company, which with this project is thoroughly studying the technologies of the future for the world of motorcycling. It is an important area of experimentation, in which we are investing to build know-how, so that we will be ready when battery technology should allow the creation of an exciting electric road bike with the weight, performance and range that enthusiasts expect from a Ducati. We are therefore embarking on this new adventure with the aim of developing the people and skills within the company to shape what the character of a future Ducati electric road bike might be. The MotoE project represents a decisive step for Ducati to contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions on the product side, alongside research into synthetic fuels (efuel) that can reduce the total CO2 emissions of internal combustion engines to zero. Environmental sustainability is something that all individuals and all companies must consider a priority if the delicate balance of the planet is to be preserved. Ducati is committed to this also at industrial level, and the construction of the new Finitura e Delibera Estetica area classified as Nearly Zero Energy Building is just the latest example”.”