Folding Bike Shootout



frame with a single, curved main frame tube running from the head tube in a soft arc that passes the seat tube and arcs back to form the seatstays. The tube is massive and allows for a larger battery inside the frame, as well as a stiffer frame. 

All three aluminum bikes are made in a single size, and there are adjustments to help make them fit most people from about 5 feet tall to over 6 feet tall. While they share front suspension, the Gocycle also has a rear suspension. 



Everything about the GoCycle is integrated, and it’s not just about the clean style of the bike, it’s about keeping the bike clean. Richard Thorpe designed the GX to be able to ride through dirty environments and easily cleaned, hence the five-spoked wheels. Those wheels are also easy to remove. They are open on one side, and they’re called “PitstopWheels,” which are designed to come off quickly like a car in a Formula 1 race. 

“It’s not easy to make a folding bike look slick” 

The entire drivetrain is enclosed in an injection-molded magnesium swingarm to keep dirt off the chain and grease off your pant leg. A Shimano Nexus 3-speed shifter covers you for gear changes. The tires are custom-made for Gocycle and have really low rolling resistance and great grip. Thorpe’s background as an engineer in the automotive racing world show in the details.

The display on the Sinch and its placement makes it very easy to read.



Aventon set up the Sinch with fat tires that offer endless possibilities for on- and off-road use. The high-volume tires do offer a softer ride, even with the suspension fork. Although they weren’t ready for our test, Aventon now offers…