Check Out These Electric Motorcycles


What do you get when three forward-thinking motocross enthusiasts get together and start thinking about building their own dream bikes? That was the seed behind the highly evolved BRD Red Shift motocross and SuperMoto bikes. No,  they aren’t cheap, but they sure look cool with their monocoque aluminum frames with polymer-built sub-frame and 40-horsepower motors capable of 65–90-mph speeds.



Brammo is another American manufacturer of electric motorcycles, and they offer three different models, with the Empulse R topping the family tree.  Brammo bikes stand out with their use of a water-cooled motor that features a six-speed mechatronics propulsion unit. Besides the standard Empulse, Empulse R and Empulse LE models, Brammo is also making available a limited-production run of street-legal Eric Bostrom replica bikes that include a matching Icon helmet. $19,995.