Electric Bike Action Product Test: Velocirax Hitch Rack


we immediately noticed the craftsmanship—from its sturdy paint to its burly steel construction. Building the rack takes more than your average bike tools; it requires a set of larger wrenches or sockets. We spent around 30–40 minutes building this rack; however, with practice, we could likely cut that time in half. Really, the most time-consuming part was attaching the seven wheel chocks with 3-inch-long bolts, washers and Nylock nuts. While we imagine the smaller racks can be handled by an individual, the larger seven-bike rack takes two people to install on your vehicle.


A wedged design inside the hitch takes up the slack and prevents the rack from wiggling around. In fact, with the rack loaded up, we were surprised how little the rack moved. The bikes are held in place with rubber straps 10 inches apart, which allows them to sway side to side without touching. The large, seven-bike rack would be a dream for any group of riders who love shuttling their bikes up the trails.

Back in the garage, the rack can be mounted to the wall using a mounting bracket that drills into the studs. The bracket has two hooks that hold the rack, and the hitch flips forward to add support. The only bummer about the rack is that if you just want to take one or two bikes to the trail, you’ll have to unload the entire fleet, install the rack on your truck, reload, and then head to the trails. Riders who will appreciate the wall-mount feature most are families or groups of riders who store their bikes in one place and hit the trails all at the same time. Overall, we had a pleasant experience with VelociRAX and would recommend it to any rider looking for a heavy-duty rack that doubles as transportation and garage storage.