Video: Bosch Vs Shimano E-Bike Motor Real World Test

We thought it would interesting to do a simple test over a set distance uphill comparing the times and power delivery of the Bosch Performance CX Gen 4 against the Shimano EP800 e-bike motor.

With two bikes, a Cannondale Moterra Neo 2 (Bosch) and a Canyon Spectral:ON (Shimano) and fresh rider legs we rode up roughly 80 ft in altitude and 100 yards in distance over an even grippy dry surface. Each bike weighed the same and had the same maximum software tune that it was capable of according to it’s own software.

Video-Motor Test


It’s not an easy test, as it is hard to remove variables that might influence the result and make it just about the motors, however with two mullet style e-mtb’s we found each motor has it’s strengths and weakness and we recommend watching the video for our analysis.