Electric Bike Action Product Test: Velocirax Hitch Rack

Velocirax Hitch Rack

Nothing makes the Electric Bike Action Crew cringe more than seeing a nice bike tossed carelessly into the back of a pickup truck. This is a surefire way to bend your derailleur hanger, scratch your paint or cause other damage to your bike. Two Utah-based brothers with over 40 years of experience in mechanical engineering and business management decided to build a better bike rack to keep your bikes safe while headed to the trails. They also sought to solve your garage storage problems. The VelociRAX is a hitch-mounted bicycle rack designed to carry three to seven bikes in a vertical position. When you get home, the rack can be mounted to the wall for better bike storage. This month the EBA crew put this versatile rack to the test to see how it could streamline our busy lifestyle.

Tech features:

VelociRAX’s bike racks are made from steel with high-strength hardware, UV-protected rubber straps and a powder-coated finish. The hitch has an integrated anti-rattle system to keep the entire rack secure and has hydraulic dampers that allow the rack to tilt for easy loading and unloading. The wheel chocks can hold 20-inch to 29-inch tires from 3 inches wide down to skinny road bike tires. Each rack comes with a two-year warranty. VelociRAX’s three-bike carrier starts at $699, and its seven-bike carrier, the one we tested, sells for $889. Bike weight capacity is a claimed 230 pounds per rack.

Field test results:

Our VelociRAX arrived at our door in three boxes and required assembly. Once we pulled the parts out,…