Watch: It’s Shred Time With Sam Pilgrim

It’s Shred Time With Sam Pilgrim

Sur Ron Lightbee X-series Mini Motocross Machine

By Sam Pilgrim

This mini electric motocross dirt bike is sick – Sur Ron Lightbee X-series motorcycle! I bought Lewi Pilgrim this bike but had to give it a test ride and push it to the limits over jumps and full speed trails, would you ride this?

I bought Lewi Pilgrim this new electric motocross bike so we can go on sick adventures with me riding the CAKE e bike and he can shred to Sur Ron. This Sur Ron light bee X-series motorcycle is like a small Pit bike and because it is silent you can literally ride it anywhere which makes it so so much fun! It is quite powerful but not to much which makes it perfect for beginner riders and people who just want to have a fun off-road session. We start the video by riding some perfect loam berms and fire roost all over the place while riding as fast as possible over jumps and around berms.

From here we find two big jumps that I hit at almost full speed and it felt so good, I even managed to get the bike a little sideways. After clearing some jumps we ended up at some MTB-style trails and made a sick track with more perfect berms for some epic slow-motion action. Lewi pilgrim also rode the bike and was able to feel mega comfortable and get airborne and hit some turns with the throttle wound open. For the finale, we decided to head to the beach to replicate the Dakar race and see what the bike would handle like in deep sand, but was it any good?


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