Electric Bike Action Product Test: Sidi Dimaro Shoes

Sidi Dimaro Shoes


When you think Sidi, the image that most likely comes to mind is a pair of stiff carbon-soled shoes made from fancy Italian leather worn by an elite cross-country or road racer. While for many years that image may have been accurate, Sidi decided to flip the script with its newest model by going full enduro. The all-new Dimaro shoes are specifically tailored to suit the needs of gravity riders while retaining the top-quality design and construction that Sidi is known for. Our test riders decided to push these new Sidis to the limit on trail rides, shuttle runs and even some bike park laps. Here’s how the Dimaro shoes fared during our abusive gravity testing.


Tech features:

Although Sidi is an expert when it comes to making stiff-soled shoes that maximize pedaling efficiency, the Dimaro shoes required a different approach. These gravity shoes needed to be able to work well with both clip or flat pedals and needed to have traction walking. They also needed to increase vibration damping for hard impacts. To accomplish these goals, Sidi teamed up with Vibram, a leader in manufacturing rubberized outsoles for footwear.

Sidi designed the Dimaro shoes with an elastic heel cover to prevent dirt or debris from creeping into the shoes. A protective toe cap with microfiber materials for increased ventilation was added, and a lace-up closure system combined with a Velcro strap was used to keep the laces safely tucked away.

The Dimaro shoes are offered in a range of sizes from 37–48, with our size-44 test shoes weighing 960 grams per pair (with cleats). Sidi sells its new gravity shoes for $149.99 per pair.

Field test results:

As soon as we put the new Dimaro shoes to the test, we quickly realized that the only thing these shoes have in common with other Sidi models is their top-notch construction and attention to detail. The Dimaro shoes feel nothing like other Sidi models we’ve tried, but our test riders were more than okay with that. These Sidi shoes are made to grace the feet of gravity riders instead of cross-country racers.

We first removed the Dimaro’s flatpedal sole inserts and installed a pair of SPD cleats without using spacers. After a few rides, we confirmed spacers weren’t needed. Clipping in or out could easily be done without interference from the shoes.

The Dimaros provided a comfortable fit with plenty of toe room and a reasonably wide footbed. We would have liked to see a Boa dial, considering the price point; however, a good hard pull on the laces held the shoes tight to our feet. The ankle cover was a welcome feature that kept dirt and rocks from getting into our shoes. Additionally, our test riders liked the simple Velcro strap that tamed our laces and seemed to help secure the fit. After a few hours of pedaling and hiking, the Dimaro shoes continued to feel great. Not once did our test riders experience hot spots or discomfort with these new shoes. As far as gravity shoes go, the Dimaro’s price point is near the top. That said, Sidi tends to deliver a premium product that is worth a higher price tag. If an elite gravity shoe is something you’ve been searching for, then add the Sidi Dimaro to the top of your wish list.



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