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Lee Ann McKay and business partner Robin Coffman are avid cyclists, and four years ago after falling in love with e-bikes, they decided to open an e-bike shop. To get up and going, they started by going to Interbike to research all the available brands before finally opening a shop in Whitestown, Indiana, a northern suburb of Indianapolis. 

Co-owner Lee Ann McKay.


With the nearest bike shop was nine miles away, they couldn’t have picked a better location, and a community need was instantly filled. As Lee Ann says, “We couldn’t turn them away!” Not to alienate any cyclist in need, the shop did repairs and maintenance on any bike that was rolled through the front door. Not only has this kept the wrenches spinning, but it’s also increased sales in parts and accessories. 

Originally, BH was the e-bike brand they started with, but have since expanded to include Bulls, Magnum, E-Lux and Gazelle. With the constant evolution of new e-bike technology, they make sure to keep up with all the latest technology and bike brands making their way to the market.

Co-owner Robin Coffman.



While the shop’s sales through the pandemic aren’t as high as they were a year ago, they’re still going strong. The service department is booming, and sales are strong on the lower-priced e-bikes. There is still an overall uptick in the people getting back on bikes. It makes Lee Ann happy to see more and more families riding together. 

When a bike comes in for maintenance, it gets cleaned and disinfected before it’s brought into the shop. Lee Ann quips that she thinks some of the bikes that come in covered in spiderwebs are probably safe anyway. 

Something else the shop does is pick up and drop off bikes for maintenance or sale. This has proven to be an invaluable service for people quarantined at home and can’t come to the shop. In addition to the recreational riders, three of the local police departments in Boone County, where the shop is located, have bought bikes from eBoom. 

When they sell an e-bike, they offer a short lesson on safety, about 15 minutes long, especially for older riders and first-time e-bike riders. They’re looking at expanding that and making a longer class.

Bikes lined up for service during COVID-19.



They’re members of a local Facebook group called Zionsville Moms. Zionsville is a suburb near the shop, and the group started talking about the bike shop. This social proof caused an instant surge in business. Couple that with the massive rise of gravel bikes in the area and they had to start carrying gravel bikes. Now, they carry Salsa gravel bikes, the first non-electric bikes they carry. They’re looking to get in some electric gravel bikes and wanted to start with BH, but there’s no inventory yet, so they’re considering Bulls and a few other brands.

Since there is no legal place to ride e-mountain bikes in the area, the shop puts its main focus on commuters and hybrids. Currently, they are working with lawmakers to change this, and they have a mountain bike resort going in north of them, so the e-MTB situation may change soon.


The shop organizes two weekly gravel rides with the ride broken down into two groups: a 25-mile ride with a 16-mph pace and a 20-mile loop with a 10–12-mph pace. These rides have been a great source of community outreach for the shop, and it’s helped increase the number of people riding bikes in the area. They are planning on adding a weekly 5–10-mile family ride, which Lee Ann calls a “slow roll”, so all family members of all ages
can enjoy the ride on traditional and e-bikes.

e-Boom Electric Bike Shop is located at 6 South Main Street, Whitestown, IN 46075. Their number
is (317) 340-4156, and website is

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