New Tech From Bosch


Bosch has announced a firmware update for their Performance Line CX, Performance Line Speed and Cargo Line that boosts the motor from 75 N/m of torque to 85 N/m. These upgrades can be done by a certified Bosch dealer and are available for 2020 and 2021 Bosch motors listed here, specifically any fourth-generation motor.


In addition to the power and mode updates across the board, Bosch has also added navigation to their Kiox display. It connects via their eBike Connect smartphone app via Bluetooth to allow riders to navigate from point A to point B. Users can plan their trip on the app or on a computer using the online portal, then navigate using the Kiox display. The system is also compatible with Komoot or Outdooractive mobile apps to expand navigation possibilities. There’s currently no connectivity with Strava.

Bosch has made some improvements under the hood, including a more robust Bluetooth connection between the Kiox display and your smartphone. They’ve also allowed customization of display screens, meaning you can choose which screens you want to display, so you don’t have to toggle past all of the different options, only seeing the ones you choose to. The Kiox display is also available as an aftermarket option for Bosch-powered


For the Speed line, which provides Class 3 support up to 28 mph, there’s a noticeable boost at lower cadences, and getting up to the high 20s is much easier.


The fourth generation of CX motors offers 85 N/m of torque—up from an already-powerful 75 N/m of torque and a host of new tweaks on their e-MTB mode, including what they call “Extended Boost”—to give you extra assistance in those technical climbing situations where a full pedal stroke will lead to pedal strikes, so a rider gets more support in a partial pedal stroke.

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