We often wonder if the engineers over at OneUp Components ever sleep, considering the constant innovation we’ve seen from them over the years. OneUp’s EDC (Every Day Carry) system has gone through a few iterations now, and the new EDC Lite just might be the best version yet. We’ve told the story a few times now, but we’ll do our best to sum up the design goals for the new EDC system. OneUp’s early design required the steer tube to be threaded using the provided tools; however, many riders feared threading their steer tube would be a one-way ticket to ruining their bike.

OneUp came back with a new system that uses its specially designed stem to double as the fork’s star nut and top cap, allowing a tool to slide into the fork’s steer tube. The latest addition, known as the EDC Lite, is quite possibly the best solution yet. Let’s dive into what OneUp did to make the EDC Lite tool the perfect companion for your bike.

Tech Features:

The all-new EDC Lite tool was designed with the goal of keeping your star nut inside the fork’s steer tube while offering enough room above it for a spare tool. The kit includes a multi-tool, a carrier and two different length bolts. To install the tool, you must first remove the top cap on your bike and thread the longer bolt into the star nut through your top cap. Here’s where things get a little scary, yet way less scary than threading your steer tube. Using a hammer, you must smash the long bolt down until it’s nearly flush with the top cap.

This process pushes the star nut down into your fork, allowing room for the tool carrier. Simply swap to the shorter bolt and tighten your headset using a long Allen wrench and you’re good to go. OneUp claims this can be done in five minutes; however, we’d suggest setting aside 10 minutes so the installation isn’t rushed.

OneUp offers the tool carrier in seven different colors to best match your ride. Furthermore, the tool includes a variety of commonly used sets of bits. Available at your fingertips is a T25 Torx, a flat-head screwdriver and seven different sized Allen bits. All combined, the EDC Lite is claimed to add only 75 grams to your bike.

Field Test Results:

Any time you’re working on your bike and the instructions call for the use of a hammer, most of you will be concerned; however, OneUp’s system is fairly easy to set up, so long as you have some basic mechanical skills. If the installation process worries you, your local bike shop shouldn’t have any issues getting this tool set up in a matter of minutes.

Once it is installed, there’s not much to think about. Just grab the tool when you want to make a quick mid-ride adjustment or if something has moved or twisted during a crash. Having tools at your fingertips could save precious time during race. OneUp’s EDC Lite costs only a little more than other standalone multi-tools, but greatly reduces the chances of you losing your tool thanks to its handy placement.