Electric Bike Action Product Test: Yoshimura Chilao Pedals



the large pedal 110 x 107.25mm. Both pedals feature a concave shape so the rider feels like he is in his pedals as opposed to on top of them. The spindle length was kept narrow to place the pedals as close to the cranks as possible. The Chilaos feature two sealed bearings, along with a bushing, and have a recessed alloy end plug. Size-large pedals offer 10 pins per side, while small pedals have seven pins. Currently, three different pin colors are available, including blue, purple and black. Yoshimura plans to add more pin and platform colors down the road.


Field test results:

The Chilao pedals have a quality finish that’s noticeable as soon as you spin them on your crankset. Our test rider opted to test the larger pedals, finding them a perfect fit for his size-10/44 feet. Riders with larger feet may still find the platform comfortable but will notice the narrow spindle length places their feet closer to the bike than other flat pedals on the market. The concave shape does a nice job securing…