Electric Bike Action Product Test: Exustar E-PM827 Dual Interface Pedals


There are usually two types of cyclists. Those who use clipless pedals and those who ride flat pedals. Whereas roadies and some mountain bikers prefer clipless pedals to stay attached to the pedals better and to get more power while pedaling, flats are great for commuting and for many mountain bikers. 

For some multi-purpose bikes, it would be nice to have both options, but that usually requires unbolting one set of pedals and bolting on another, something that will eventually wear on the threads of the crankarms and
the pedals.

Exustar came up with a novel solution—a pedal that is flat on one side and has a clipless receiver on the other. Truly, the best of both worlds in one set of pedals.

The low-profile pedals with an extruded aluminum body and a machined, heat-treated chromoly axle with adjustable/replaceable grip pins. It uses tubular LSL bearings. The 108.5x100mm platform is roomy and easy to find with your shoe.

The flat side, which is actually slightly concave. Those adjustable pins offer tons of grip.


It’s compatible with Exustar’s own two-bolt shoes or just about any similar shoes on the market. They come with two SPD-compatible cleats and all the hardware you need, including an Allen wrench. Float is easily adjustable with the wrench as well. We like to keep the float really loose to allow us to use the clipped-in part but still being able to get out easily.


“Both sides are concave, and the platform itself is huge.”


The cleat receiver itself doesn’t rotate like most Shimano SPD platform pedals do, and as such it’s slightly harder to get into. And, of course, the shoe has to be on the right side of the pedal to accomplish this. Both sides are concave, and the platform itself is huge. When riding flat shoes on the receiver side, it’s not much of a bump to contend with compared to Shimano SPD platforms. 



If you need to run both flats and clipless on one bike, these are great. But, we found ourselves at least 50 percent of the time on the wrong side. We’d suggest picking one or the other.


• Versatile for flats or cleats

• Good looks

• Ample grip



• Jack of all trades but master of none

• 50/50 chance of getting the wrong side every time


Price: $89.00

Weight: 406 grams per pair 

Contact: www.exustar.com 

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