Electric Bike Action Product Test: Bontrager Rapid Hip Pack

Field test results:

The wrecking crew hits the trails with a fully loaded Rapid pack, including a water bottle and all our essential tools and accessories. The pack rode well on our back, offering a secure, bounce-free fit and a nice distribution of weight. It wasn’t until we reached for our bottle that our first problem occurred. It was awkward pulling the bottle out, especially for riders with less flexibility in their shoulders. Replacing the bottle while pedaling proved to be nearly impossible unless creeping along at slow speed over the simplest of trails. More often than not, we left the bottle in our pack until we came to a stop.

That said, riders who want a spare bottle will find this an excellent way to carry one. The side pockets were easier to access and allowed our riders to grab snacks while climbing or cruising to the next descent. We were able to fit nearly everything inside these pockets, except some of our longer mini pumps. Riders may want to double-check their pump’s fit before purchasing this pack. Today’s mountain bikers have moved away from carrying spare tubes to relying on tubeless tire plugs; however, riders who still believe in the tried-and-true spare tube will find they fit with ease. Overall, the Rapid pack meets the needs of riders who want to carry a little extra without having a full over-the-shoulder pack.