Zeroing In On Performance

Zeroing In On Performance

Zero Motorcycles just now announced its newest electric motorcycle, the SR/S. Launching on the heels of their award-winning SR/F last year, the SR/S will be Zero’s first fully-faired bike. While it features the same motor and battery and many other parts of the SR/F, the fairing can bring up to a 13-percent aero advantage over
the SR/F.

In addition to the fairing, Zero has changed the ergonomics on the SR/S with lower footpegs and higher handlebars for a more comfortable position when sitting upright. The passenger seat is extended with a larger seating area and matching lower pegs.


The ZF 75-10 motor boasts a claimed tire-melting 140 pound-feet of torque and 110 horsepower available at the twist of the wrist. There is no gearbox, so the throttle is the only control. Beginners will love the simplicity, and riders used to a gearbox will have to get used to it a bit (it isn’t that hard). Bosch traction/mobility controls help keep everything from getting out of hand.

Save for tires and brake pads, the maintenance on an electric bike is much less than that of a gas-powered equivalent. The latter can be less often than a conventional motorcycle, thanks to regenerative braking modes. There’s a wide variety of customization that can be done to the ride via the big, LED, bright screen, as well as a connected app that offers even more control, maintenance information and more.

Zero uses what they call their intelligent Cypher III operating system in tandem with the Bosch stability control (MSC) to optimize performance and control. Cypher III acts as the central hub, integrating all systems on the motorcycle to deliver a superior riding experience. From Bosch’s MSC all the way to Zero’s next-gen app and dash, everything is seamlessly connected for easy and intuitive control.


Owing to the Cypher III operating system, Zero refers to the SR/S as a “smart motorcycle,” and there’s plenty of connectivity. All the benefits of connectivity are offered free of charge for the first two years with the purchase of a new SR/S.

And, that connectivity gives the rider the ability to monitor the bike in four main areas: Bike Status and Alerts, Charging, Ride Data Sharing, and System Upgrades and Updates.

1.Bike Status and Alerts: The SR/S alerts riders regarding bike status, including interruptions in charging and tip-over or…