Zero Trademarks Two New Bike Names

A hint of what's to come

Zero Motorcycles quietly just registered two new trademarks. The names are DSR/X and FXE.

Zero’s DSR and DSR Black Forest are their dual sport/adventure bikes, and the FX is currently their only off-road-specific bike (the FXS is the street version of that bike, the most light and nimble of the bunch). Adding the X to the DSR may mean the dual-sport bike may be more capable on the motocross side. This is speculation, of course. And the FXE may be for Enduro, but we’re not sure. Being unsure of all of it, we decided to call Zero and ask about it.  They said that, of course, they can’t say anything “on the record” yet, but good things are coming.

Zero Motorcycles 2020 SR/F electric motorcycle 140 lb/ft torque 110 horsepower 124 mph long range
The Zero SR/S is the newest member of the Zero family for 2020. Will there be one or two new models coming from Zero in 2021?

They’ve come out with a new model every year for the past couple of years, and that trend looks like it will continue.  This year was the SR/S, which we reviewed in the October 2020 issue. Zero told us that the pandemic shut them down at first for a few weeks, but as soon as it was safe to do so, new development continued. “We don’t plan on slowing down any time soon.” said Dan Quick, Director of Communications at Zero.

They have some big plans for the 2021 model year, but there’s no announcement at this time.