Zero Motorcycles is reviving its incentive program called Cash for Carbon. It increases the trade-in value at an authorized Zero Motorcycles dealer of any titled gas motorcycle a rider uses as trade toward the purchase of a 2020 SR/F or SR/S by an additional $1500.

When a rider takes advantage of this incentive, he or she will also still be eligible for the 10% Federal Tax Credit available for all electric motorcycles, plus any available state or local tax incentives, creating up to $4000 or more in value on the purchase of a new model.

“Our dealership network has some of the best operators in the world and they’re fielding more inquiries about electric motorcycles than ever before,” said Mike Cunningham, Zero Motorcycles Vice President of Sales, Americas. “This trend has been intensifying and the Cash for Carbon program will empower riders to get the experience they’ve dreamed about that’s only available on a Zero electric motorcycle,” Cunningham added.

This is a pretty strong incentive, and Zero says it’s for a limited time.