Zero Announces 2017 Line of Electric Motorcycles




Zero Motorcycles has announced their 2017 line of electric motorcycles. They all offer more torque, increased power, and smoother delivery.

Zero Motorcycles Z-Force® interior permanent magnet (IPM) motor


The new bikes feature Zero’s proprietary Z-Force interior permanent magnet (IPM) motor. It offers increased temperature thresholds and greater efficiency, and the IPM motor enables more aggressive riding and higher sustained top speeds. Combined with new higher amperage controllers, every IPM motor now delivers more torque, including an impressive 116 ft-lb on the Zero SR and Zero DSR. That’s more than any street-legal sport bike.


2017 Zero Motocycles DS and S Models

The Zero S ZF6.5 and Zero DS ZF6.5 are designed for navigating dense urban jungles. They provide all the benefits of electric at a lower price, thanks to new, compact power packs that save nearly 100 pounds and make the bikes more nimble and fun to ride. Another added benefit: the space freed up by the batteries serves as a convenient, locking storage compartment.

Zero S, Zero SR, Zero DS and Zero DSR models are now finished in premium paint, replacing the previous bodywork with molded-in color. This beautiful paint is meticulously applied and tested for scratch and fade resistance, and Zero claims this will help the bike look great for years.

The new bikes, if bought in the U.S., will come with a one-year membership to the American Motorcyclist Association, the world’s largest motorcycling organization. Membership also includes a year of free roadside assistance.


2017 Zero Motocycles AppOwners of 2017 models can use the Zero Motorcycles app (available for iOS and Android) to update their motorcycle’s firmware, saving time, money and service trips. The app also allows riders to customize performance and view detailed information about charge status, energy consumption, cost savings and more.


Power is delivered to the rear wheel via an upgraded carbon-fiber-reinforced belt for smooth, quiet, and hassle-free operation. The wider, stronger belt accommodates increased torque and provides thousands of miles of maintenance-free riding*.

*2017 Zero S ZF13.0 motorcycles retain the 2016 belt system.


An upgraded, locking, weather-resistant storage compartment is now included in the “tank” area on the Zero S, Zero SR, Zero DS and Zero DSR. This secure trunk locks using the ignition key and stows riding essentials like gloves, sunglasses and cell phones.


The 2017 Zero FX and Zero FXS feature a new, integrated battery that reduces weight and cost. The modular battery system remains available for those who prefer to quickly and easily swap batteries.

Zero has added a five-year, unlimited mileage battery warranty. More powerful processors and robust construction pair with advanced lithium-ion cells for even greater reliability. These worry-free, zero maintenance batteries are designed to last the life of the motorcycle.

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