ZERO Adds New Bike To Their Lineup

Zero Motorcycles has added another new bike to their arsenal. Called the FXE, it is a reimagination of the FX platform that started a couple of years back in 2019 with a concept collaboration with Huge Design.

The original concept garnered enough praise that Zero decided to put it into production. Here’s the original concept:

And here’s the production model:

There are some differences, but overall, it’s true to the Huge design. It’s similar otherwise to the FXS, a supermoto version of the FX. It features an 85 mph top speed, a 100 mile city range, and a light curb weight of 298 lbs. Compare that to the 500+ lbs of their flagship SR/S. Some of that savings is from the 7.2kWh battery vs the 14.4kWh battery in the latter.

It features only household charging, meaning a 9 hour full recharge time. Priced at $11,795, it’s aimed at first-time e-moto buyers.

It has adjustable Showa suspension, J Juan brakes paired with Bosch ABS, and Pirelli Diablo Rosso tires. The display is the newer Cypher II operating system and display, with a compatible app for customizing.

We hope to get our hands on one to review soon. Stay tuned!

Price: $11,795