Yuba Bicycles Launches Three Transformative Products To Kick Off 2020

Yuba Bicycles Launches Three Transformative Products To Kick Off 2020

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Yuba Bicycles (Yuba), a global leader in cargo bicycles and accessories, today announced three new product additions to further define its position as a forerunner in the cargo space. Designed by the team in California, these products include a new feature-packed compact cargo bike for the entry-level market, an industry-first weather-protective rear canopy for longtails rear canopy for longtail weather protection and an entirely new kickstand design to increase bike loading and unloading safety and stability.

Yuba’s Pop Top Cover is the first and only longtail cargo bike rain and snow cover for kids. One of the most requested items from customers, the Pop Top Cover shields precious cargo from rain, snow and frosty winds when riding around town. It also protects passengers from strong sun in the summer and includes front/rear windows (with zippers and hook and loop straps) and easy-open side panels to let in fresh air.

The new Kombi compact cargo bike was designed for those seeking to join the cargo lifestyle at the entry-level with a high-quality product that is in line with Yuba’s stellar reputation. Melding the functionality of the Yuba’s Boda Boda and Mundo models, the Kombi was designed in-house by a veteran team of engineers to give the end user the highest level of confidence in ride quality and safety. Priced under $1K and loaded with strong features, including mechanical disc brakes, puncture-resistant tires, the ability to be stored upright, and a carrying capacity of two to three kids or up to 440 lbs (including rider), this bike has already seen incredible momentum in Europe since being launched there last fall.

“Our mission has always been to create the highest-quality, game-changing products that let people commute by bike and carry cargo without compromising ride quality or safety,” said Justin Gottlieb, sales and marketing director and US business leader of Yuba. “All three of these innovations are aligned with our ultimate reason for being – to limit environmental degradation by making distinct, active, boundary-pushing mobility solutions – and we’re confident about their success in North America.”

Finally, the other problem Yuba solved this year is the tippy cargo bike conundrum. With a cargo bike fully loaded with stuff and/or kids, it becomes more difficult for some riders to keep the bike balanced when mounting and dismounting. Enter Yuba’s new Roots Double Kickstand.The widest longtail kickstand on the market (at 30 inches) now makes loading and unloading a heavy-laden cargo bike a breeze. Controlled by a cable-actuated hand lever within the cockpit, the Roots’ unique design eliminates the need to step off the bike to set the kickstand, increasing rider balance and safety. When ready to park, pull the lever down and each leg of the Roots drops down simultaneously, “rooting” the bike and offering unprecedented support for little riders who want to climb on and off all by themselves. When ready to ride, roll the bike forward and the Roots folds up and out of the way.

See the Roots Kickstand in action!


The Kombi, priced at $999 MSRP, is available in two colors, gold and blue. The Pop Top is priced at $200 MSRP and is compatible with all Spicy Curry and Sweet Curry models. The Roots Double Kickstand is priced at $200 and is compatible with all Yuba Spicy Curry and Sweet Curry models. All three products are available for shipment to retailers now.


Everything we do at Yuba Bicycles is done to help change the way people commute while carrying gear, humans, pets and more. Our bikes put smiles on people’s faces as the wind hits their cheeks, as they reduce their carbon footprint and as they realize a more economical and sustainable alternative to a motorized vehicle.

With more than 19 years of experience solely focused on the cargo bicycle category, Yuba Bicycles designs and manufactures award-winning bicycles and accessories, and is considered a global leader in its niche. Visit yubabikes.com to learn more about our lineup of premium cargo and e-cargo bicycles, or to find a dealer near you.



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