The bikes that can go anywhere

Folding bikes are a great choice for last-mile riders and people who need a compact storage solution for their office, home, motor home or just to keep in the trunk of the car to go for a ride when the mood hits. 


The Sinch features 20×4-inch fat tires and, as such, may be the least compact when folded. The bike is very sturdy and with 45mm of travel in the suspension fork and offers a smooth ride over bumpy roads.

Price: $1699

Frame: 6061 double-butted aluminum

Motor: 500W brushless rear hub motor

Battery: 672Wh

Display: Backlit LCD 

Range: 40 miles 

Drivetrain: Shimano Acera 7-speed


The name “E-Joe” does play on the “e” for “electric,” but it’s also for every joe. It performs very well, but is a little on the heavy side due to the need to avoid extra flex in a folding bike. It has a suspension fork and overall good ride quality.

Price: $1399

Frame: Aluminum

Motor: MXUS 500W rear hub motor 

Battery: 528 Wh

Display: E-Joe LCD

Range: Up to 40 miles 

Drivetrain: Shimano Tourney, 7-speed


A small bike with a lot of letters in its name is the newest folding bike from Big Cat for 2022. It features 20-inch fat tires, a fairly big battery mounted behind the seatpost and a powerful 48-volt, 750-watt Bafang rear hub motor that will make this bike a crazy beast to ride.

Price: $1799

Frame: Steel

Motor: Bafang 750W rear hub motor 

Battery: 624Wh

Display: Big Cat LCD

Range: 30-60 miles (claimed)

Drivetrain: 7-speed 


The Fiido is a really clean, unique design with a battery located in the oversized seatpost that can be removed for charging (or you can charge with it on the bike). It’s configured for European spec, so it maxes out at 15.5 mph. 

Price: $999

Frame: Aluminum

Motor: 250W brushless geared rear hub motor

Battery: 418 Wh 

Display: Fiido

Range: Up to 60 miles 

Drivetrain: Shimano Tourney


Magnum has choices of high-step frames and low-step ones in the folding bike category. These can be configured as a Class 1, 2 or 3 when ordered. Mag wheels means you’ll never have to worry about loose spokes, and the RST Carve suspension offers 60mm of travel with a preload adjustment to calm the bumps in the road.

Price: $2049

Frame: Aluminum

Motor: 8fun 500W rear hub drive

Battery: 624Wh with USB port

Display: Das-Kit C6 backlit monochrome LCD

Range: 20-55 miles 

Drivetrain: Shimano Tourney, 7-speed


GoCycle’s G4 is expensive for a reason. Designed by a former Formula 1 designer and engineer, the bike features rear suspension on the single-sided swingarm and a motor built into the front wheel and mounted on a single-sided fork. There’s a USB port on the handlebar to charge your phone and an app to provide a full display with more information than the LED lights on the bar. The ride quality is as good as any folding bike we’ve ever ridden.

Price: $4999

Frame: Carbon fiber

Motor: G4 Drive, 500W

Battery: 300 Wh

Display: LED

Range: Up to 40 miles

Drivetrain: Shimano Nexus, 3-speed


Dahon has been making folding bikes since the 1980s, and they’ve put their expertise into making some pretty interesting e-bikes. In addition to the K-One that uses a hub motor, they have another model with a mid-drive, which is unusual in a folding bike. The battery is pretty small, as is the motor, which makes the bike fairly lightweight and easy to carry.

Price: $1899

Frame: Aluminum

Motor: Bafang 250W rear hub motor

Battery: 313.2 Wh

Display: LCD

Range: 20 miles

Drivetrain: Shimano 7-speed


Rad Power’s entry in the folding race is the RadMini 4. It has a parallel top and downtube that meet at the hinge before diverging. It’s a fairly simple design with external cabling and controller, and a generous battery sitting behind the seat tube. The bike can be outfitted with front and rear racks, and Rad offers locks, suspension seatposts, phone mounts, insulated delivery bags and more. 

Price: $1499

Frame: 6061 aluminum

Motor: 750W geared rear hub motor

Battery: 672Wh

Display: Backlit LCD

Range: Up to 45 miles 

Drivetrain: Shimano Altus, 7-speed