You Meet The Nicest People On An Electric Honda

Honda’s EV-neo is a battery-powered electric scooter. It operates using a 2.8kw motor and a Lithium-ion battery. The EV-neo has a range of around 20 miles on level ground. The regular charger takes the battery from zero charge to a full charge in approximately 3.5 hours and is a highly portable unit that fits in the cargo space beneath the seat of the EV-neo. The rapid charger fully charges the EV-neo in approximately 30 minutes.

Not available in the U.S. (yet) the EV-neo has been used in Spain and Japan for four years.
American demand for the Honda EV-neo scooter is not yet strong enough for the transportation giant to import it to our shores. We figure that could change with gas prices exceeding $4 a gallon.


The power plant is compact and serves as both the swingarm and rear suspension mount.