Yamaha YDX Moro 07 2023 (Ride With Brian Lopes)

We Get On Board With A Legend

Yamaha have announced their line up for 2023 with their build versions of the Moro 07. Based around 27.5″ wheels front and rear, we visited our local bike park with the Yamaha crew and Brian Lopes to get the low down on the new bike.


The bike features Yamaha’s patented dual-twin tube design, which offers protection for the battery and a unique mounting option for the rear shock. It also features the new PW-X3 motor, which is 10% lighter and 20% smaller. It gets a performance bump in the torque department, going from 80Nm to 85Nm. The PW-X3 is also more efficient, offering more range from the same 500Wh battery.

There’s a new, minimalist display that shows state of charge and power level, and it’s compatible with Garmin Edge 530, 830 and 1030 units.

It has a very natural feel while riding, and pedaling uphill is almost as fun as going downhill. The suspension is improved on this version, they’ve learned a lot from previous models. There are surfaces I hate to ride on, this bike glides over those with aplomb!