World’s First Electric, Stand-up Personal Watercraft Hits the Market

Free Form Factory introduces high-performance, all-electric Gratis X1

More and more areas are cracking down on personal watercraft. 2-stroke motors are generally out, and 4-stroke motors face stricter and stricter emissions standards.  Enter the Gratis X1. It is fully electric, making virtually no noise and offering zero emissions.

Free Form Factory teamed up with Zero Motorcycles to use Zero’s Z-Force powertrain technology and their proprietary HULKLITE™ polymer, which are 100% recyclable material, meaning a truly green machine. Trimmed materials in manufacturing are then reused for the next craft, and so-on down the line. Free Form Factory is focused on sustainability and has set a goal of zero waste. The durable polymer deck and hull allows the Gratis X1 to support the weight of the battery while remaining the same weight as an average stand-up watercraft.

Base model battery is rated at 45 minutes of use on a full charge. The optional 3.3kWh power pack can power the stand-up watercraft for up to an hour, and it can be charged with a standard 110V electrical outlet or a propane-based generator. It has LED lights for visibility and safety, as well.

Free Form Factory introduces high-performance, all-electric Gratis X1


Free Form Factory has done everything they can to make this as green as possible, as well as manufacturing it entirely in the United States.

Just because it’s green doesn’t mean it doesn’t perform. Looks to us like it has the type of performance you’d expect from an electric motor (especially the Zero Z-Force):

Free Form Factory stand-up watercraft jet ski


No word if the battery can be swapped for continuous use. That would make a difference for rental shops and for families who want to play all day.

We’re excited to check one of these out soon, so stay tuned!