Watch: Sam Pilgrim Shredding Some Serious Cake

Sam Has His Cake and Eats It Too

By Sam Pilgrim

Huge gap jumps and stair rides – Shredding my electric motocross bike on urban freeride is sick! I hit kicker ramps and stairs on my CAKE then ride my jump bike followed by a Seadoo tricks jetski session, what would you ride?

We start the video off with a huge stair set of doom on my CAKE electric motocross bike, which I have never ridden on stairs before so it was super exciting to see how this powerful motorbike would handle go down and up the longest stairway ever! From here I moved into a car park that has a perfect landing for my new MTB hopper portable kicker ramp so we go that built and I jumped the cake so big that things started flying!

After jumping so far that I scared myself I then moved into the woods to hit some berms and jumps before taking my wake boat out for a ride. Unfortunately, the boat wasn’t working so we had to abort the mission and move on to day two. For the next day of fun, I headed to the smallest skatepark in my area to try out the GoPro max and play around with my newly fitted front brake. It was epic.

After wasting some time down there it was time to get my Seadoo Trixx jetski out and go for a rip in the sea, hitting waves and going full speed is the best! All in all, it was an amazing two days filled with so much action, what more could you ask for!? Let me know what sort of things you’d like to see next!

I hope you enjoy the video!