New color for the GPS cycling computer

Wahoo Fitness, maker of connected fitness devices and indoor cycling ecosystems, has updated their ELEMNT BOLT GPS cycling computer to get new metrics from e-bikes. It’s also offering the device in a new stealth, black-on-black color scheme. Along with the new look, Wahoo has reduced the price of the ELEMNT BOLT GPS computers from $249.99 to $229.99 in any color.

The device offers a tremendous amount of information, including climb data, Strava Live integration, turn-by-turn directions, friend locator, planned workouts, text and email notifications, and much more. It also has a companion phone app for more customization, and it can pair with Giant and Specialized e-bikes for even more metrics.


“With more cyclists choosing e-bikes to make commuting easier or to make recreational riding more fun, we’re excited to offer an update that will allow ELEMNT GPS computers to better serve those riders,” said Wahoo Product Manager Megan Powers. “The new update is our latest step to increase the number of sensors compatible with ELEMNT GPS computers, and we’re glad to help more cyclists take advantage of our class-leading cycling computers at a lower price.”


Current users can gain these features via a firmware update, available today.