Video: How To Ride (Crash) In The Rain

For our last video of 2022, Alex takes us down his local trails in some bad weather on one of our latest test bikes a Cannondale Moterra 2 Neo LT. He gives us some riding tips on how to ride in wet and muddy conditions and a few tips about the bike in the wet. Of course he also shows us how to crash a few times in the mud.


If you our readers ride in some sketchy weather and conditions get in contact with us via our Twitter or Instagram pages and send us some videos or photos of the poor riding conditions you have to deal with. Also you can use our email address. We would love to hear from you and start a series all about your local riding conditions.

Remember if you do ride in bad weather conditions make sure you ride responsibly have the right technical gear and also tell someone where you are going including sticking to the trail route you told people you were going to ride. If in doubt or if conditions are outside your abilities turn back and or don’t ride. Stay safe and have fun.

Thanks for joining us in 2022 and we wish you a happy new year!

See you out there on your e-bike!