VIDEO: First Ride Impressions of the Yamaha Wabash RT Gravel Bike

Yamaha completely redesigned the bike and the motor

We had the chance to get a first ride on the completely redesigned 2022 Yamaha Wabash RT gravel bike, much improved over the previous Wabash that we tested when it debuted a few years back. We weren’t allowed to post our impressions on the bike at the time, but here is our video of it.


Some quick stats:

PWSeries ST class 3 motor

Suspension dropper post-60mm drop/40mm travel of suspension (M/L), 40/40 for small bike.

Weight 46.2-46.7lbs depending on size 500wh battery has 104mi range in ECO, 35mi in High.

New Automatic mode matches your leg input torque automatically. The harder you pedal, the more support you get.

Class 3 pedal assist up to 28mph.

Only available in USA and Japan.