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Vernon keeps his finger on the pulse of bikes!

Vernon Felton is a bit of a legend in the bike world. His history is illustrious working for years as a journalist at many of the major bike media outlets. We first met Vernon when he was working for Peterson publishing, back in the 1990s. Vernon eventually found himself working for the biggest brand names in the bicycle industry.

Now as US director of bike Product Development at Canyon Bicycles. He has a unique role at one of the big and influential bicycle companies. He helps decide as part of a team. What goes on to a new product, advises on what consumers want, and also tells the engineers how the bikes ride and what needs to be done to improve them. In this episode,

Alex talks with him about how Kenyan and other companies approached not just the bikes, but bikes in general, what e-bikes mean to Canyon as a brand, and what will happen with e-bikes over the next few years. Without further ado, here’s Alex and Vernon rodeo.

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Show Notes

“Vernon unintentionally left out the most important word—“up”. He meant
to say you shouldn’t ride UP a downhill only trail on an eMTB. And he
mentioned this because eMTBs make that suddenly a viable option—you
can climb up really steep and that is also really fun….but if you are
doing that on a trail that is expressly designed to be a DH only
track, then you are increasing the risk of collisions with people who
are rightfully descending that trail at crazy high speeds.”

Thanks for the clarification Vernon! As always everyone ride safe.

For more info on Canyon’s Product Go Visit their Site