VAAST Bikes, a bicycle manufacturer based in the U.S, has revealed the latest addition to their sustainable bicycle range: the E/1.

Following the success of their first line of performance bikes in 2019, the E/1 takes VAAST bikes in a brand new direction. It’s built to empower practical, sustainable and fun living, the E/1 is the multi-purpose Urban Adventure e-bike. Whether carrying cargo or riding solo, the latest bike to VAAST’s collection is designed to deliver a great riding experience.


VAAST has put state-of-the-art technology at the forefront of this latest bike’s design. The E/1 features the NAIL’D REACT suspension system to separate pedaling from suspension movement. This translates to smooth and comfortable riding, regardless of cargo weight. This ‘ground tracing technology’ ensures comfort, as well as practicality, cushioning uneven surfaces, with testing presenting a 20% reduction in vibration versus other suspension systems.


The E/1’s step-through monoframe creates a low center of gravity – suited for accessibility of riders of all ages, sizes and riding experience. The frame is available in three size options [S,M,L], VAAST’s unique one-push lever ensures tool free saddle height adjustment, so the E/1 suits all riders from 141cm up to 193cm tall.


There is a wide range of component choices on the E/1, What they all have in common is that they all used hydroformed aluminum frames, a SunTour Durolux36 fork with 110mm of travel and a Suntour RS-Edge-R rear shock, and Bosch 4th generation Performance Line motors, 500Wh PowerTube batteries and Kiox displays.

Where they differ is the drivetrain. There’s a dizzying array of configuration options, 3 options each on Shimano, Enviolo and Rohloff. The Enviolo and Rohloff options are internal shifting (Rohloff has 14 speeds and the Enviolo is a CVT) and use a Gates carbon drive belt for lower maintenance.

Vaast e/1 options and pricing e-bike commuter bike

They’re all a bit pricey and really heavy, ranging from €6,649 to €9999 and they weigh between 74.6 -80 lbs. They’ll be available in U.S., U.K., and European markets from October 1, 2021.