URB-E: The world’s most compact electric vehicle?

Urb-e-54 The URB-E Commuter and URB-E GP are touted as the world’s most compact electric vehicle. The three-wheeled Commuter and the two-wheeled GP fold like a Boy Scout’s Swiss Army knife. When folded they roll behind you like wheeled luggage. The Commuter has a shelf on the back to carry a briefcase or package when it is unfolded. Performance is claimed to be a max of 15 mph for up to 20 miles. URB-E makes no secret that the machine is intended more as a “last mile” vehicle for commuters. In other words, for those whole travel by public transportation for most of the distance, but need compact transportation for the jaunts from the train/bus/subway to the office. For more information look at www.urb-e.com.

Urb-e-57When unfolded the URB-E stretches out to make a comfortable ride for an adult. There are no pedals.

urbe-front-collapsed-20-When folded the URB-E GP is super compact with a modern look.

urbe-front-collapsed-41-When unfolded the URB-E Commuter has a platform to carry some luggage. The Commuter can be switched to a single rear wheel, and the GP can be switched to a three-wheeled platform.