Yamaha’s New E-Bikes Are Here

The YDX Torc is their first mountain bike. It’s a hardtail aimed at beginner to intermediate riders with good spec and handling.

Despite their worldwide renown as a motorcycle and piano manufacturer, Yamaha has actually been making bicycles for a long time. America was first introduced to their pedal bikes in the early ’70s when they introduced a full-suspension BMX to mimic their popular line of motorized dirt bikes. Yamaha Japan has been making some form of electric bikes since 1993, but they were only available in Japan.

It was at last year’s Interbike trade show in Las Vegas that they showed off prototypes of their new line of electric bicycles. The bikes are exclusive to Japan and the U.S. market for now. Interestingly, most brands these days launch in Europe, then, if they’re successful, they bring them to the U.S. Yamaha is doing this in reverse by launching in the U.S., and if they do well, Yamaha Europe can decide if they want to sell them there.

The PW-X motor in the YDX Torc is smaller, lighter and has a narrower Q-factor, as well as having 10 more N/m of torque in the new EXPW top mode.

Yamaha talked to their dealer network and researched the market to figure out what types of bikes to make. They came up with four categories; performance road, fitness, recreational/urban and a mountain bike. They decided to build the bikes from the ground up as e-bikes instead of taking an existing platform and adding a motor to it.

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