Trek Releases 2020 Rail and Powerfly Off-Road e-Bikes


All-New Trek Rail and Powerfly Hardtail Deliver the Best in e-MTB Tech and Performance

Trek has unveiled additions to its electric mountain bike line-up today, releasing the all-new Rail – a long-travel e-MTB for hard-charging trail riders – along with new Powerfly Hardtail models built for adventure-minded off-road riders who want to explore more. It’s a new era for e-MTB, and these new models are leading the charge in capability, power, integration and fun.

New Rail and Powerfly Hardtail models are trimmed with Bosch’s all-new Performance Line CX drive system, which is significantly smaller and lighter than its predecessor and offers far less drag and pedalling resistance when you’re charging the trail beyond the maximum assist speed.

All-new Rail: Just as fun going up
Rail is a wildly capable e-MTB that rips just as hard as its non-electric brethren, then powers you back up the mountain, no lift ticket necessary.

Going down or up, it sends like the trail bike it is. Every model is built with a 160 mm fork and 150 mm of rear travel, and select models have a RE:aktiv with Thru Shaft shock that gives you more capability in rough terrain.

Rail models are built with parts chosen specifically for e-MTB use. All forks have beefier legs and crowns so they won’t flex under hard riding. Every model also has extra-powerful 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes and 12-speed Eagle drivetrains for smooth, consistent power delivery. All Rail models are equipped with the best in Trek trail tech, including Active Braking Pivot (ABP), Mino Link adjustable geometry and Straight Shot down tube with Knock Block.

Rail features Trek’s exclusive Removable Integrated Battery (RIB) system, which integrates the battery into the frame for protection and gives you easy, tool-free, drive-side access. Most models come with a bigger 625 Wh battery for better range and a longer time between charges.

Rail is available in OCLV Mountain Carbon and Alpha Aluminium options, and most models are ready to order now through Trek’s wide network of retail partners. Prices range between £4,999.99 RRP and £11,999.99, with Rail 5 and Rail 9.9 at either end of the spectrum. Availability varies by market.

Powerfly Hardtail: Your playground just got bigger
All-new Powerfly Hardtail models now deliver even more capability and fun to off-road riders who want to explore more terrain. They share the same compact and lightweight Bosch Performance CX drive system as the all-new Rail, on a hardtail frame that’s equipped with Trek’s easy-to-use Removable Integrated Battery (RIB) system.

The system fully integrates a Bosch PowerTube battery into the frame with a compact one-piece battery and cover. Select Powerfly Hardtail models are now available with the longer-range 625 Wh battery.

All models in the new Powerfly Hardtail family have 120 mm travel forks; Smart Wheel Size for the best fit; and Women’s models with alternate colourways, Women’s Specific Design saddles, and lower standover on the XS, S and M frames.

Powerfly Hardtail models are available in a wide range of options, with availability varying by market.