Trek Announces New Cargo Bikes

An easy way to replace your car

Trek just launched two new cargo bikes. There’s a relatively normal one that’s good for up to two kids, and/or groceries, camping stuff, etc. called the Fetch +2, and one that can help cart a gaggle of up to FIVE kids, called the Fetch +4. Both are driven by a Bosch BES3 Smart System featuring a Bosch Cargo Line mid-drive motor that’s specifically designed for cargo bikes, with 250W nominal power, 85Nm of torque to help get you going, and support of up to 400% of your input up to 20 mph. The bikes both have integrated lighting.




Trek Fetch +2 cargo bike transporting kids overhead view car replacement electric bicycle e-bike

The Trek Fetch +2 is a long-tail cargo bike that can easily carry 1-2 kids on the back with either kid seats (e.g. Thule Yepp Maxi or Burley Dash) or what they call a “Family Kit”, featuring a Safari Bar, 2 seat pads, a backrest pad and foot guards to keep little feet out of the back wheel. It cn also be outfitted with panniers in 4 different colors, total weight the bike can carry (rider + cargo) is 440 lbs, the front panniers alone can carry up to 20 lbs.

Trek Fetch +2 cargo bike transporting kids overhead view car replacement electric bicycle e-bike

It comes with a 500Wh Bosch PowerTube battery that is integrated into the down tube, and can be charged on the bike or removed for charging. A full charge takes r.5 hours if the battery is fully depleted, or 2 hours for a 50% charge. There is an optional Range Boost accessory for longer rides if needed.

The drivetrain is a 10-speed Shimano Deore system.

The Fetch +2 goes on sale in April for US$5,999.


The Fetch +4 is a front-bucket cargo bike designed for larger families with more kids, or those who need way more carrying capacity. It can carry up to four kids up front, and one more in the back.  Because of the larger size/weight/capacity, they’ve outfitted this one with a 750Wh battery.

Steering is available through a steer-by-wire setup that actually allows it to be tuned for easier steering. It’s a 2-wheeler, so there’s a very stable center stand to hold the bike in place while you load up the kids, groceries, etc.


Cargo capacity is 60 lbs on the rear rack, and a whopping 352 lbs for the front box, though that’s 55 lbs per seat. Seats have 5-point seatbelts, and there’s an optional cover to protect the kiddos from rain and/or wind.

The drivetrain on the Fetch +4 is an Enviolo CVT automatic-shifting rear hub, driven by a Gates carbon belt drive coming from the Bosch mid-drive.

Bigger bike, bigger price. This one is available in April for $8,999.