Top 5 Tips for Students to Choose Electric Bikes

By Mary Spears


Commuting to college on a bike gives you an unforgettable experience due to the ease of maneuvering through traffic and the exercise it helps you do. If you are used to riding manual bikes, an electric bike will add to your experience comfort, easy hauls, less sweat, and an extra smooth ride.

The market offers a wide variety of electric bikes, which makes it hard to decide the best brand to buy. Besides deciding whether you want a road or a mountain electric bike, you still have to state if you want a hybrid, a folding bike, a cruiser, or an urban e-bike. To save you confusion, use the following tips to choose your brand.


Decide how often you want to use the pedals

When choosing the best motorcycles for students, you might consider things like cost, speed, weight, and power. However, the approach is different when you want to buy the best electric bike. Although they are called electric bikes, sometimes they require motor assistance.

Bikes are good for health and if you want to use your e-bike for exercise too, you may want to choose a bike that will require more peddling. E-bikes are divided into classes depending on the level of motor assistance.

Why do you want the e-bike

Apart from classes 1, 2, and 3, electric bikes are also divided into various categories and each serves a different purpose. You must know why you are buying the bike first before you make your order. E-bikes categories are mountain bikes, hybrids, cargo, road, and folding.

For example, an electric mountain bike will require higher performance capabilities to cruise in rough terrains, long rides, treks. Decide if you will be purely commuting to college on your bike or you only want to use it for shopping.

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Battery strength

The distance you will cover after you have fully charged your electric bike battery will depend on its quality and watt-hours. If your rides take a few minutes and you arrive at your destination, you might not worry much about battery strength.

The scenario changes if you cover longer distances or ride around often. If your e-bike is fitted with a smaller battery, you might enjoy its power halfway your distance and you will have to peddle the rest of the distance.

Motor power

The power of your e-bike motor will determine the range you can cover on each ride. This is because the motor will determine the quality of charge for your e-bike battery. Two people might have e-bikes with the same battery size but different motor power. If they fully charge their batteries and start their journey at the same time, the person with a stronger motor will ride more miles.

Again is the motor is too big, the bike becomes too heavy and you might not love to carry it around in cases where you might get a flat, ride through heavy traffic, or carry your bike upstairs.


Electric bikes cost differently depending on brand, features, and store. A hybrid e-bike might cost as much as $1,300 but it will serve you more compared to other e-bikes. In the same way, a class 1 e-bike might have a different cost compared to a class 2 or 3. If you visit a store in an upscale area, expect to pay more than if you visited one in a town suburb.

You should take time and check online before you decide which bike you want to buy. Your budget will also determine because you can only buy an e-bike you can afford. Check how much you want to spend and go for a brand you can afford.


There are many advantages you get when you buy an electric bike. You will peddle less, move faster, and ride longer distances. You will still get the health benefits of riding a bike while enjoying the benefits of sweat-free rides. When choosing an electric bike, consider your budget, what you will be using the bike for, and battery life. Choose an e-bike that will require motor assistance less often and one that is light enough to carry on your shoulder.


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