Top 5 Reasons To Install An Audio System On Your Electric Bike

Enhance your riding experience

Just like cars and trucks, electric bikes need upgrades to be more functional. While many people are aware that they can make electric bike modifications, they do not know whether they can install a sound system. A sound system can change how you use your bike, and installing a new one can improve your riding experience. If you are not convinced you need it, here are five reasons to consider it.

electric motorcycle bluetooth sound system

1. Night rides

When riding at night, you may get bored when you are out all alone. Installing an audio system and syncing your vehicle lights to music can make your ride a little less less monotonous. Your bike offers you a place to unwind on those long night rides, and a great combination of lighting and music can be a real boost to your mood. When you need to enjoy yourself, an electric bike offers a getaway, with a stereo system letting you ride off while humming to your favorite tunes.

2. Voice navigation

Apart from playing music while on the go, you can also add voice navigation to your motorcycle to help direct you when you are on long rides. This is especially beneficial for when you are touring an unfamiliar place. Not only does voice navigation prevent you from getting lost, but it also finds you the fastest route to your destination, which can be useful for quick errands or a longer road trip.

3. Increase the resale value

Adding an audio system is a great way to increase the resale value of your motorcycle. Modifications make a bike more functional and attract buyers who want something unique and tasteful. If you want your bike to be more valuable, think of adding glowing lights to the stereo system.

4. Bluetooth compatibility

Your motorcycle could use a tech upgrade with a Bluetooth connection. A Bluetooth-compatible stereo system can help you connect to other devices such as your smartphone. You can listen to music from your phone, play audiobooks, and even have phone calls. Additionally, when you are riding, you want to keep up with your favorite podcasts, and with your stereo connection, you can tune in and ease the boredom of those long rides.

5. Bragging rights

Bike owners and enthusiasts love to show off their rides, and an audio system can make your bike stand out. If you walked into the riders showcase with some cool music playing, you can easily find yourself the center of attention. Bike showcases are a great place to show off your motorcycle; these events allow for local shops, builders, and riders to proudly display their rides and any special features they may have. If you have an audio system and other great modifications, you could win a prize at a bike showcase.


An audio system may be that new feature you need to get a buyer for your bike. Think of all the benefits above that a new stereo system will bring you.