The Ultimate Guide To Pedals

Ultimate Pedal Guide

Many of our readers are confused about pedal selection. There are so many options for release mechanisms, platforms, pins and debris deflection. For this test we rode in fairly dry conditions. We used the same shoes throughout the entire test for consistency and focused on engagement and release characteristics. Your experiences may differ if you ride in wet and muddy terrain. SPD cleats are not ideal in muddy conditions, while Time or HT cleats are better designed to keep soil from accumulating. Shoes are another huge factor. The curve of the sole, stiffness, material and size will change a number of characteristics for clipping in, traction and disengagement. We will tell you how each pedal rides and describe the ease and comfort of the entry and release. Take our opinions, and your terrain and shoe selection into consideration, and you should have all the information you need to choose the right clipless pedals for you.


Time began over 30 years ago in Nevers, France and was a pioneer of the automatic (clipless) pedal. We put Time’s platform trail pedals and cross-country race pedals to the test.

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