The Raffe E-Mini-Bike Has Arrived

The 2015 Silent Mini Thunder is a revolutionary electric mini motocross bike that is rocking the 50cc motocross world.  It has been designed and developed in San Diego over the last two years.

Founder/CEO Alex Ficachi, father of a young motocross racer said “I was fed-up with the constant tuning, fixing and maintenance of our 50cc bike.  It turned me into a full time mechanic and left my son little time for what he loved doing most, riding!”.  RAFFE Bikes

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The Raffe is made in America and spec’d with some name brand components.

The result; The Silent Mini Thunder. Designed, Manufactured and BUILT in the USA.

“No more transmission oil changes every ride, no more clutch issues, no more tuning carburetors, no more top end rebuilds.”  Alex continued, “RAFFE Bikes embraces all riders, whether they prefer electric or petrol.  We simply offer another option that helps future generations experience this incredible family oriented sport.  Laws and regulations are shutting down riding facilities across the globe, so we are on the enthusiasts side”

Alex added, “This is not a concept bike, but instead a bike designed around our accumulated knowledge over the last two years of intense research and development from backyard riding to racing head to head against branded 50cc bikes.  The racing has resulted in over 23 trophies and podiums on the test bikes, and we have packed everything we have learned from our prototypes into the Mini Thunder.  We are proud and eager to release the world’s first true JR sized electric motocross bike designed not only for first time riders and their parents, but also full-hearted racers”.  The Mini Thunder is packed with safety features and has controls like the big bikes to teach young riders the correct riding fundamentals from early on. Parents will love the fact that the speed can be turned down as slow as a crawl and increased depending on the child’s skills.

1.Real clutch lever that mimics a big bike clutch, releasing power progressively.  Designed by RAFFE Bikes to teach children the dynamics and fundamentals of how to use a clutch.  All 50cc bikes are clutchless, but why wait to until kids are tall enough for a 65cc bike to learn how to use a clutch?

2.True motocross throttle for the ultimate durability and motocross experience.

3.Integrated USB charging ports for phones and devices.  Never be left stranded in a remote place without a working cell phone.  Or simply enjoy your music during a pit stop on your next trails adventure.

4.Integrated LED’s

5.On Board Computer designed by RAFFE Bikes, displays a wide range of riding metrics including: battery voltage (like a fuel tank), motor temperature, energy use, battery status, and system status, but also gives the parent full control of the top speed, power delivery, launch, and working on GPS and Bluetooth capabilities to name a few.

6.A power-train that is unlike anything ever seen before, with exhilarating performance leaving every pilot who rides a Mini Thunder with a smile from ear to ear.

7.USA built 4130 Chromoly frame and swingarm redefines agility and handling. It’s lightweight brushless motor sits inside the swingarm creating an anti-squat low center of gravity motocross bike like no other.

The Mini Thunder is packed from tire to tire with top of the line branded components.  Dunlop Tires latest and greatest design MX32’s are the perfect match to enhance the bike’s exhilarating performance.  Marzocchi Italian forks, Renthal mini SX 825 bars, Motion-Pro’s Vortex throttle, Manitou Revox Long Travel 5-way adjustable no-tools shock, quad-piston front calipers from Hayes brakes with a massive 180mm rotor for ultimate predictable stopping power, Pro-Wheel aluminum wheels and hubs with carbon steel spokes.  The chassis and swingarm are built in-house in the USA from 4130 Chromoly.  The brushless motor is world class and hand wound in the USA.  The “RR” version Mini Thunder comes with a water cooled motor that is dubbed “the 50cc replacement motor” by many.

The Mini Thunder fully weighted is an incredible 69lbs, which is 20-30lbs lighter than 50cc bikes, making it the most closely scaled JR sized motocross bike for 4-7 year old children on the planet.  “All of this engineering makes for an incredible handling motocross bike with unbelievable performance”, said Alex.  “This is not your typical off the shelf electric toy bike, or a half-hearted machine.  The Silent Mini Thunder is the real deal.”

The Mini Thunder also boasts an impressive maintenance-free power-train that can literally perform thousands of hours without ever needing service to the motor or batteries.  The Silent Mini Thunder is a smart move from a cost of ownership perspective as it is the cheapest JR mini motocross bike on the planet to maintain.  A dream motocross bike. Aside from regular wear and tear of components like tires, brake pads and just keeping everything tight to spec, it is maintenance free.  RAFFE Bikes is so confident of their bike that it is even backed by a 1-yr warranty.

Two versions will be offered, the Silent Mini Thunder “RX” (race extreme), and the Silent Mini Thunder “RS”  (recreation sport).  Both models come equipped with parental controls so the child can learn at their pace.  The RX comes with the OBC (on board computer), the clutch lever, LifePo4 A123 batteries with a brushless water cooled motor.  While the RS is designed to be a more affordable version equipped with the same voltage, SLA batteries and air-cooled brushless motor that is a bit more tamed, but still enough power for entry level racing.  Both models come with identical wiring systems so the RS can be upgraded to the RX version at will!  The RS also comes stacked with every single branded component.
3-levels of shock adjustment means the Mini Thunder is perfect for children of all sizes.  The Mini Thunder is equipped with a foot rear brake, and a seat that communicates with the child where they should and should not be sitting, teaching them all the correct riding fundamentals from the very beginning.

Alex Ficachi said, ”We knew our customers would expect RAFFE Bikes to design and produce the world’s most desirable, high performance electric mini motocross bike and that’s exactly what we did.”  Ficachi continued, “Today’s announcement underlines our understanding of the needs of parents and young riders, and our commitment to making them the safest and most confident riders possible, because a smart rider is a safe rider.”
The 2015 Silent Mini Thunder represents a huge effort to further redefine and produce a platform that embraces performance and safety as our key goals.

Charging and Battery – A Mini Thunder owner can charge from 20% to 70% in less than 2 hours using existing common household outlets.  Due to the incredible motors designed by RAFFE Bikes, the Mini Thunder turns the tables upside down by offering a low voltage battery system that is inexpensive, lightweight and compact.  This allows  families to easily afford extra battery packs.

Colors – For kickstarter only you can pick from a variety of colors and personalized graphics to customize your Mini Thunder,  so please visit   for more details.

About RAFFE:
RAFFE Bikes is a leading mini electric technology motocross company headquartered in Southern California.  RAFFE Bikes is going to enter into North American and European markets.