The Gogobest Bezior XF900 Fat Bike Is A BEAST

And the price is very reasonable

Gogobest announces their newest e-bike, the Bezior XF900. It’s a fat tire full suspension e-mountain bike with 26×4.0″ tires, a 48V/750W brushless, geared rear hub motor that offers pedal or electric assist. The 576Wh battery gets up to a claimed 37 mile range. It has a Shimano TZ500, 1×7 drivetrain, a large payload rear rack, and oil spring suspension. The total weight of the bike is 69.7 lbs. It has a top speed (assisted) of 15.5 mph (25 km/h). It has a 5″ LCD to show you the power level, speed, and more, and the whole system has an IP54 rating so you don’t have to worry about it getting in a little rain or dust.

A product with an IP54 rating is protected against quantity of dust that could interfere with the normal operation of the product but is not fully dust tight. The product is completely protected against solid objects. It is also protected against water splashing from any angle.

gogobest bezior XF900 electric mountain fat bike e-bike full suspension
This is the black/green colorway.


Gogobest has bikes and e-scooters and even some indoor trainers, all available direct from their website.

The price is currently $1632.78 on sale (a savings of $533.38 over the normal price of $2166.16, which seems like a good deal). We have yet to try one ourselves, but look forward trying one in the future. The bike is available in black/green or black/grey. The Bezior XF900 is available in Europe, the U.K. and the USA. You can have it shipped from Poland, the U.K. or the U.S. The bike comes with a charger, wrench, lock, inflator, user manual and more.

You can check out the bike here.


Price: $1632.78
Frame: Aluminum
Fork: oil spring
Motor: 750W brushless geared rear hub
Battery: Lithium-ion, 576Wh
Controls: Gogobest
Top Speed: 15.5 mph
Range: 60 km (claimed)
Rear derailleur: Shimano TZ700, 1×7
Brakes: hudraulic disc
Rims: Aluminum, 26″
Weight: 69.7 lbs
Color Choice: black/green or black/grey
Sizes: One size

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This is the black/grey colorway.