A great way to demo many different electric vehicles

The Electrify Expo was supposed to start in 2020, but thanks to the pandemic, it was pushed back a year. They rescheduled for 2021, with three events. One in September in Irvine, California, a second in October in Miami and a third in November in Austin, Texas. 

Plum was there with their interesting chopper designs.

They did a lot of marketing, but as a relatively new and unknown entity, it took them a while to build momentum and bring manufacturers into the event. We had high expectations, because they said something about an electric airplane being there. 

The e-bike demo area had a really good variety of different electric bicycles available for demo rides.

At the first event at the Great Park in Irvine, California, title sponsors including Volvo, Polestar, Volkswagen, Hyundai, Bosch and Super73 were in attendance. You could demo everything. E-bikes, electric scooters, electric motorcycles and electric cars all free to test. Best of all, the demo areas were packed with e-curious enthusiasts and consumers.

These stunning Aventura-X scooters look great and have two easily removable batteries that make charging easier.

Like any event, even with seasoned organizers, there will be hiccups and unforeseen circumstances. With all
the troubles, we think they’re off to a good start and expect next year will be bigger and better. They’re already planning to add more locations for future shows. It really is a great place to discover and ride all manner of electric vehicles, and we expect more and more companies will come on board for 2022.

Also on display at the Bosch booth was this cool delivery vehicle from Coaster Cycles. The big case on the back can be customized in many ways and sizes to fit a variety of delivery needs.
Aventon had their full line of bikes, and we spied two new models they hadn’t even announced yet called “Soltera.”
Lots of companies are jumping on the e-mini-bike trend, like this Zugo.
Serial 1 was here with their bikes, including the recently announced limited-edition Mosh/Tribute version. Apparently, they had to buy all the Brooks saddles in the UK and any singles available at bike shops around the U.S. That’s one way to deal with supply-chain issues!
Harley-Davidson used the expo to show off their Livewire 1 motorcycle that had both a new colorway and, at $21,999, a lower price tag that’s far lower than last year’s model.
An aftermarket Livewire accessory manufacturer was showing how you might take your road bike with you on your motorcycle.
The local police took a moment to check out Sierra Electric Motorcycles’ Ion-X (dual-sport) and Ion-S (street bike).
Bosch had a display model of their new Smart System. Expect to see it on bikes as original equipment starting in 2022.