The Bultaco e-Moto and e-Bike Have Arrived


The Barcelona, Spain based Bultaco was founded in 1958 and closed in 1983. While most contemporary e-bike consumers won’t be familiar with the brand or their iconic “thumbs up” logo, every American motocross fan of old will know the brand started by Senor Bulto  and made famous by American motocross star Jim Pomeroy who rocked the sport with a win at the 1973 Spanish MX Grans Prix.

Well, as has been reported by EBA previously, after several other attempts it looks like the Spanish marque is making more substantive moves for a comeback in the e-bike market. The new Bultaco isn’t returning with trials or motocross bikes, but instead Bultaco is working on a line of electric motorcycles from LGN Tech Design SL. The company has several electric motorcycles under development — most notably the Rapitan.

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The Rapitan’s quad-linked rear suspension.

The Rapitan is a 54 horsepower, 90-mile-per-hour, lithium-ion powered street bike with an on-board charger will fill the battery for up to 87 miles of range.

The Bultaco electric Brinco


Next is the Brinco. Bultaco calls it a Moto-Bike. It has a rear wheel electric motor with four horsepower (3 kilowatts). The Brinco comes with 8-inches of upside-down fork travel, a nine-inch monochock rear and a 73 pound weight. Brinco owners can double check their bike’s state of charge from their smartphone and a wristband unlocks the bike instead of a key. For more info go to



Hailing from Yakima, Washington, Jim Pomeroy made history as the first American to win a motocross GP in Europe.