The Boogaloo Race Final Recap


Year two closed with an eye on 2019. As the sun sets on the second year of the Troy Lee Designs/Bosch Boogaloo races, the final two events were action-packed into two weekends that bookended the Interbike show. 

The first one was held at the Northstar Resort in Lake Tahoe. It’s a ski resort that also has incredible mountain biking trails, with the second held at Mammoth Mountain in conjunction with the Kamikaze Games. 

The finish line had a crazy step-down jump that some saw fit as a place for style.

Unlike the previous rounds where they ran split classes to qualify (eliminating half of each group to go on to a main), the race format changed to a two-moto (combined score) format. This is the way motocross races are run, and Troy thinks it gives a fair chance to racers who are consistently fast and knocks out those who just go hard in the first race. 

As this series matures, it’s going to get more and more exciting. There are great prizes for winners and a nice pro purse, and as competitive as it can be, as Troy would say, “It’s all about having fun!”

At all Boogaloo races, riders can select a demo bike from any of the bike companies present and race that bike. Here a rider is setting up a bike with the help of the guys from Haibike.

There was a Pro feature, a required climb up what is normally a downhill bridge. After the first lap, there was no requirement to ride up this section, and only one rider did it after that.


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