Tested – Wolf Tooth B-Rad System

A Pack-Less Solution

It seems like over the past few years hydration packs have become uncool. Every year we see more and more clever ways for carrying riding essentials—from integrated tools to bib shorts with pockets and even downtube storage compartments. The EBA crew knows the value of carrying everything we need for a ride, and more often than not it requires us to wear a pack. Short local rides, on the other hand, are a great time to pack light and enjoy the weight literally being lifted off our shoulders. Wolf Tooth Component’s B-RAD system is just one of many new solutions for riders that are looking to go pack-less.

Tech Features: The B-RAD system consists of a series of mounts that can be combined in many different ways to solve your storage needs. The mounting bases are sold in three different sizes—a two-slot for $18, a three-slot for $20 and a four-slot for $23. A rider can attach one mounting base to a bike’s water-cage bolts. This base then allows them to relocate and adjust a water cage or another B-RAD accessory on their frame. A four-slot base can be used to stack two bottles along the downtube on a bike with ample room. The next piece is the double-bottle adapter, which sells for $24. This allows a rider to run bottles side by side. The strap mount sells for $30 and attaches directly to your water-cage bolts or to a mounting base. This Velcro strap can hold a tube, a CO2 and a tire lever, even over rough trails.

Field Test Results: The only limits to the B-RAD system are your imagination and your funds. We came up with numerous ways to attach gear to our bikes using each of these mounts. For our trailbikes we ran a two-slot base with the double-bottle adapter and then mounted a water-bottle cage on one side and a strap mount on the other. This held our trail essentials well, but caused our knees to bump our bottle from time to time. We then tried using a three-slot mount with a bottle cage up front and a strap mount behind it. This proved to be a great way to store items; however, this setup will not work with many full-suspension bikes. The B-RAD system is a great solution for riders who want to ride without a pack, but those riders will need to get creative when configuring their mounts. Overall, the B-Rad system allows bikepackers, enduro racers and trail riders the ability to move weight off their shoulders and onto their bikes, keeping their center of gravity low so they can get rad.


• Allows riders to mount accessories to their bikes

• Great storage solution for bikepackers


• Some full-suspension bikes will not be able to accommodate the B-RAD system


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