Tern’s New GSD Compact Utility Bike

Tern GSD electric cargo bikeTern’s new GSD is aimed at families, and can fit most of one. It’s the minivan of bikes in a way. It looks incredibly versatile. It’s designed to carry two kids, a week’s worth of groceries, or up to 180kg (that’s a whopping 398.63 lbs!) of cargo. But it’s not a huge bike, it’s 180 cm long (70.87 inches), shorter than a normal Dutch city bike.

It borrows a little from Tern’s folding Vektron, the bars fold over and the seat folds down to allow it to fit in a minivan (their example is a VW Touran) or an urban apartment. The telescoping seatpost allows it to fit riders from 150-190cm (about 4’11” to 6’3″), so mom, dad and even the kids can use it. It’s powered by a Bosch Performance Line motor and the ladder rear triangle houses not one, but TWO batteries, giving it incredible range (they claim up to 250km on a single charge), perfect for cycling vacations.

Tern GSD electric cargo bike


It comes with front and rear lights, rack, mudguards, double kickstand, two XL Panniers, and retractable foot pegs. It’s made to be a second (or even first) car for a family.

20″ wheels keep the bike fairly small and nimble, and because they’re smaller than most comfort and touring bikes, they provide more torque for easier starts and faster acceleration, even under heavy loads. The smaller wheels also contribute to a lower center of gravity, which will ensure a more stable ride, even with fidgety kids on the back.

Tern GSD electric cargo bike


The GSD is built to carry stuff, lots of it. The frame, fork, and components have been tested to exceed 180kg of total weight for the rider and cargo. The GSD comes standard with an 80cm integrated rear rack and side panniers with a total capacity of 62L. The GSD fits two children in Thule Maxi child seats or one adult passenger. Additional carrying capacity can be added with lower deck supports, a rear tray, and a front tray. Tern made the frame with open source the frame attachment point dimensions so riders with an interest can also design and build their own custom cargo accessories.

The GSD, designed as a car replacement or small business utility vehicle, launches together with a collection of accessories, including Eurocrate-standardized front and rear racks, a passenger kit with KLICKfix adapters, and optional foot supports. The rear rack, sized for up to four Ortliebs, is designed for optimal compatibility with up to two Thule Yepp Maxi Seats. The base price of 3,999 EUR (3,999 USD) includes a pair of 62 L Cargo Hold panniers, and a Bosch Performance mid-drive in 400 or 500 watt hour configurations. The US version will be available in 400 or 900 watt hour configurations.

“It’s a bike that fits a family, but it’s also a bike that the whole family can share” said Josh Hon, Tern Team Captain. “When you’re investing $4,000 in a new electric bike, fundamental versatility makes a world of difference. Fit any riders, passengers, or cargo, and fit anywhere.”

Tern will debut the GSD at the Fall trade shows, starting with Eurobike 2017. Dealers and consumers can stop by the Tern booth at B4-405, or the Tern demo booth at DA-417 to test ride the GSD. The bike will be available in stores in the first quarter of 2018.

For more information, visit Ternbicycles.com.