TerraTrike Partners With Bosch


TerraTrike, makers of tadpole-style trikes, has now partnered with Bosch in announcing their new Boost kit, a bolt-on solution for TerraTrike models including the Maverick, Rambler, Rambler All Terrain, Gran Tourismo and Traveler. The $2500 kit includes a Bosch ActiveLine Plus mid-drive motor, a Bosch Powerpack 400-Wh battery, a Purion console, crankarms (no pedals) and the boom arm to mount it on.

“Pedal assist is the future. It’s scientifically proven that these Boost-equipped TerraTrikes induce uncontrollable grinning, which comes with all kinds of health benefits,” said TerraTrike Director of Sales and Marketing Marshall Randall.

“And, of course, the other reason we’re embracing this technology is that it’s gotten so good. Bosch is a brand we can trust, their product is incredible, and it’s going to eliminate a lot of barriers of entry. With the Boost kit, there’s no need to worry about pedaling up big hills or keeping up with a group or making it through a long, ambitious tour. Did I mention it’s an absolute blast to rip around on one of these boosted trikes?”

Bosch drive systems are used by over 70 of the world’s top bicycle manufacturers, and TerraTrike’s is unique because unlike a dedicated e-trike or e-bike, a Boost-equipped TerraTrike can be converted from an e-trike back to a pure human-powered vehicle (or vice versa) with relative ease. The Boost Kit is also backwards compatible with TerraTrike’s popular Rover model, which sold over 15,000 units in its 10-year run.



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