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Fully ⚡️Charged

All this talk about a big wave of electric vehicles has me excited about how the electric vehicle market is poised to explode!


One of the fun things about working for an e-bike magazine these past few years has been witnessing and being part of the massive change and evolution that’s been happening in the sport and industry lately.

Fully ⚡️ Charged

Just because a charger’s connector fits into a bike, that doesn’t mean it is safe to use as a charger for that bike

Fully Charged

This is a way to get more traditional riders onto e-bikes, a sort of gateway drug

Fully Charged

It seems that people, when quarantining at home, have collectively decided to get back on their bikes...

Fully Charged

The upside to much of this is that the bike shops I’ve talked to all around the U.S. say that their service departments are booked solid,...

Fully Charged

When you ride bikes with any level of seriousness, as with any athletic endeavor, you’ll fall. It’s a fact. So,...

Fully Charged

It’s an exciting time, not just for the ramping up and rapid changes in the technology, but for the ever-increasing speed at which e-bikes are being adopted.